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When it rains or snows heavily at night or twilight or in heavy fog, visibility on the road decreases significantly. Drivers cannot clearly measure the distance to other vehicles and objects and need reliable lighting. LED lights are an excellent alternative for your factory-fitted halogen lights. Our bulb charts are created for your convenience and help you choose the correct LED bulb size, wattage, voltage, light output, and life of a LED bulb. 

We can help you find out the features and benefits of the most popular headlight bulbs. Understanding the critical bulb parameters like brightness, durability, colors, and the cost is essential before making a purchase. If you have already upgraded your [make] halogen lights to HID ones and now look for a more budget-friendly and future-oriented option, get LEDs. Yes, you will have to invest a little, but then feel confident in any conditions for many months, as some LED bulbs can work for up to 50,000 hours!

LED-based lighting for cars is quite a young technology that was introduced in 2006. Since then, many car brands have successfully implemented it. LED lights still have great potential in the automotive lighting sphere. And, if earlier only luxury cars boasted LED lights, with the time they have spread over many other categories of cars as they are flexible and have many benefits. But LED bulbs are not only used in headlamps. LEDs offer perfect combinations for interior design, which is crucial for car manufacturers. 

So do not miss the opportunity to switch to intense and stylish headlights, update your car’s performance and enjoy the reliable LED bulbs for years. And we will always be here to help you find the best LEG option for your car model and budget. Many manufacturers offer free warranty and delivery, so book your lights today!